Using PowerShell to search within files

My WordPress blog got hacked recently. I still haven’t got to the root vulnerability, but I suspect I’ve only got myself to blame for not upgrading to the latest version. There are plenty of articles on how to recover from this situation, but one of the things I found myself having to do is locate some offending code within the WordPress .php files which injected an IFrame with malcious target into my blog pages.
Once I had grabbed a backup copy of my site files, I started tinkering around with Windows Search to get it to index inside .php file contents, but realised some simple PowerShell script was probably the quicker solution:

Select-String -Path "C:path-to-my-wordpress-files*.php" -pattern iframe

This one liner gave me a list of all php files containing an iFrame, but the pattern could easily be adapted to be more specific. PowerShell can be such a lifesaver at times.

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